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Comunidad: Comunidad Valenciana
Convocatoria: Septiembre de 1999
Modalidad: LOGSE - Todas
Ejercicio: 1er Ejercicio B
Asignatura: Inglés
Obligatoriedad: Obligatoria
Duración: 60 minutos
Baremo: Reading comprehension: 2 points (1 point each); True/ False: 1 point (0.5 each); Find synonym: 1 point (0.5 each); Multiple choice: 2 points (0.5 each); Composition: 4 points

Part A. Reading comprehension

Read the following text:

Drink prohibition on towns is dropped

Plans to impose alcohol prohibition for whole towns or cities on football match days have been dropped as part of a new law to punish hooligans. The prohibition, introduced in France last year for England World Cup games, was intended to prevent trouble if England win the right to host the tournament in 2006.

But it has been dropped for a new Football Bill* published yesterday after protests from the drinks and retail industries and concerns that it would have far too much impact on people who had nothing to do with football.

Supermarkets and pubs would have been closed and anyone carrying alcohol would have faced arrest. But the Bill, which the Government aims to get through Parliament before the Euro 2000 tournament in Belgium and Holland, still contains new powers to end the scandal of English hooligans getting into trouble abroad.

Any fans convicted of a football-related offence at home will automatically be given a new international order to stop them from travelling to watch England abroad for up to 10 years. They will have to surrender their passports to a named police station five days before each game and courts can also prevent them from travelling to Europe to watch their club side.

D. Taylor, The Express, Thursday 1st April 1999

* Bill: proposed new law discussed in parliament.

I. Answer these questions using your own words:

  1. Why was the drink prohibition first introduced?
  2. Why was the drink prohibition dropped from the new Football Bill?

II. Are the following statements True (T) or False (F)?

  1. The new Bill will prevent hooligans from travelling abroad for up to ten years.
  2. The new Football Bill is expected to get through parliament before 2000.

III. Find a word in the text which, in context, is similar in meaning to the following words or phrases.

  1. objections, disapprovals:
  2. Away from one's own country:

IV. Choose a, b, or c after each statement below. Only one choice is correct.

  1. The drink prohibition was first introduced in...
    1. Belgium and Holland.
    2. France.
    3. England.
  2. If the prohibition had not been dropped from the new Football Bill supermarkets would have been closed...
    1. for ever.
    2. on football match days.
    3. during weekdays.
  3. The new law introduces different measures to...
    1. prevent trouble caused by hooligans.
    2. support the English football.
    3. protest against hooligans' behaviour.
  4. A key measure included in the Bill aims that those convicted of a football related offence in England will not be able to...
    1. attend the tournament in 2006.
    2. attend the tournament in 2000.
    3. travel to watch England abroad.

Part B. Composition (100-150 words approximately).

Choose one of the following two topics:

  1. If you had the opportunity to be in parliament, what measures could you offer to reduce violence in football? Consider the advantages and disadvages of each measure.
  2. Try to recall a football match. Describe people's behaviour.

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